How big should you pour your concrete slab?

Pouring a concrete slab for your new building project can be a bit intimidating. Here at C&H we want to make sure that you have all the tools necessary to ensure that you experience a smooth and trouble free installation. Concrete is already expensive why spend additional money on labor and rescheduling fees?

1) If you are pouring a slab for a fully enclosed building you want to make sure that the flat portion of your slab is the exact same size as the frame of your building. This will allow for a proper installation and prevent any leaks under the building’s baserail which are not covered under your building’s leak warranty.

2) In addition to the flat part of your new concrete slab, C&H recommends the use of a sheeting ledge (1.5”x 1.5”)all the way around. This ledge will act as a rat guard and prevent your slab from chipping or cracking as the crew uses expansive wedge bolt anchors to secure the baserail of your building to your new slab.

3) C&H Carports recommends the use of a recess on all roll up door openings. A recess would allow the door to close down past the grade of the slab in order to keep water from blowing in under the door under certain weather conditions. A recess must be poured 6” wider than the door, and 3”deeper than the wall depth in order to allow enough space for the door’s hardware. No recess is needed for walk in or sliding barn doors.

At C&H Carporrts, we want to make sure we provide you with a great building product and the most pleasant building experience. Our support staff is always available to answer any questions regarding site preparation in order to make sure that you get the best functionality out of your new building project!

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