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You and your building are very important to us and we do our best to provide you with the fullest information on process, price, and scheduling to get you you're building in a timely manner.

As some questions come up more than others, we try to get these answers out wherever we can and before they become an issue. Please reference the FAQs below to clarify any questions you may have or reach out to us if you ever have any questions pertaining to your order or the delivery process. We're happy to help with any concerns you may have.

As it pertains to delivery times, C&H Carports will provide an estimated turnaround time, which is subject to change due to weather or other major events. This will be our best estimate, but it’s not intended to serve as a guarantee.

Contractor availability, weather, illness, Acts-of-God, among other unforeseen circumstances may directly impact the contractor’s schedule.

Deposits made on all orders are contractually non-refundable.

Our team at C&H Carports will make its best attempt to provide all customers with the customer service they deserve and schedule all installations as promptly as it is possible.

All contracts must be submitted with current pricing, and current terms and conditions to: [email protected] and are subject to review.

The pricing provided through this guide is aimed to help dealers understand the component breakdown, but all pricing should be based out of our online pricing tool to which each dealer should have access to.

No taxes should be removed from any invoice unless a proper tax-exempt document is present.

Orders submitted without proper tax-exempt documentation, pricing errors, or any other outstanding documents or information may be delayed until all discrepancies are settled.

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