C & H Carports has been serving customers in central and east Texas since 2010 and we are well-known for our quality products and remarkable customer service. Today, we fabricate galvanized, tubular steel frame carports, garages, barns, and clear-span metal buildings in our Emory, Texas manufacturing facility. While we source our tubular steel framing components, our quality control team regularly inspects the framing material to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality tubular steel framing system. 

When we began operations, we sourced all of the components from steel manufacturers. Today, we roll-form our own steel panels at our manufacturing facility so that we can both control the quality of our products and so that we can reduce costs, providing our customers with the best product at the best value.

Our experienced, in-house, fabrication team, which consists of steel framing fabricators, welders, bending/press break operators, and roll-form equipment specialists, all work together to fabricate all of our products. Each building component is fabricated to your specifications at our Emory, Texas location. Our team, based on your requirements, builds each unit at our site using modular construction methods. This process ensures that you get exactly what you need before your order leaves our facility.

When your building is complete and you are ready for installation, your order is assigned to one of our experienced installation contractors. That team delivers and installs your unit quickly since we utilize modular construction methods before it leaves our plant. Assembly and light construction, such as cutting and drilling, are the last steps in the building process. This lowers the labor cost to construct your building, saving both time and money.

At C&H, our principals/owners are on site at the Emory, TX location. All of them take an interest in your building and each oversees their areas of expertise. From sourcing material, to manufacturing, to scheduling the contractor, to the customer service, all take place at our centralized location. While we can't be on site with the installation contractor, each of them knows what our company, our team, and our customer expects, which is, simply the very best tubular steel frame building in the nation, all at the best value for your dollar.