Site Preparation

  • Why level your ground?

    A level foundation accounts for 50% of the functionality of your new building. for this reason, site preparation will play a crucial part in making sure that your building is installed in a way that should last a lifetime. 

    Moreover, a poorly prepared construction site set up can easily turn into a nightmare. From the moment an order for a building is places, C&H Carports provides customers with site preparation tips to make sure that every customer has an opportunity to take all necessary steps to verify the quality of the foundation for their new building. 

    The first step will be deciding who will be handling the pre-construction phase of your project. For customers wanting to work on their own site, C&H Carports will provide easy guides on how to verify level and concrete specs, however, each customer is responsible for complying with all building site requirements. 

    Our construction support team can assist with scheduling a site inspection upon request, which has a cost of $100 plus tax, and may take up to two weeks to be scheduled. This is the most secure way to make sure that your foundation is ready for your new building!

  • Where Will Your Building Be Located? 

    Site selection demands careful thought.  Consider the following before choosing the best location for the building on the property: 

    Drainage:  Will water drain away from the building? Will other buildings or the lay of the land interfere with proper drainage? The best way to mark your site is to flag all four corners where your building will be sitting at the time you check your site for level. Once the baserails are anchored to the ground changing position may result in additional labor fees. 

    Utilities:  Will the proposed site interfere with any existing electrical, gas, or water lines? Our crews will need to install all buildings at least 6’ from any existing power lines or telephone lines. If our crew cannot install your building due to a powerline issue the reschedule of your installation may result in fees up to 5% of the retail price of your unit.  

    Access:  Beyond the foundation, workers need at least a 2’ clearance all the way around the site to work on your building. If you wish to install your building closer than 2’ to any existing structure on site, you will need to make our office aware prior to scheduling your installation. Also, consider accessibility for the metal building delivery truck, remember that if in any given case our crew has to carry materials for more than 50’ or over any fences or other obstacles the issue may result in additional labor fees. Find a pathway to the site that is free of obstructions and overhead wires. Leave ample room for unloading and organizing the steel framing pieces. 

    Each customer is responsible for having an adult representative on site, the day of installation, to verify that the building is being installed at the correct location. 

  • Getting the Foundation Right 

    The precision of carport building kits makes them unforgiving of foundation mistakes. Make sure that the flat portion of your slab is exactly the same size as the frame of your metal building. 

    There is no room for mistake in foundations for pre-engineered steel buildings. Measure your slab after completion and check for square, level, and provide our office with exact measurements. Using a reliable licensed contractor with metal building experience is vital to the success of your project. 

  • Getting Your Metal Building Site Right

    Don’t become so excited about getting your steel building up that you overlook the preparation details. Take it step-by-step, and you will soon be enjoying a problem-free metal building. 


    Need more information about metal buildings and construction site set up? Call C&H Carports Construction Support at 1-877-687-1999 

Concrete Specifications

Concrete Recess Specifications

Leveling Your Site

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